Fabletics – A Growing Success

With Fabletics, a company that is owned by Kate Hudson, growing in leaps and bounds, she is seeing much success with it. Her success is due largely to her talents as a clothing designer, and also to her remarkable, business sense. She has done her research, and has been able to create her line of clothing, and promote it to the right people.


For marketing, Kate Hudson uses the Internet as a great tool in order to attract the customers that she wants, and to keep them happy. She also uses the reverse showroom technique model, and that is in her physical stores. This saves her quite a bit in overhead, so that she is not spending a fortune on the actual store, but increasing her exposure, and gaining more customer interest.


She has a club and a newsletter with her company that are both free to join. When a woman joins her club, she receives the information about what they like and dislike. This way, she can send clothing items that they will really like. If they decide that they like the items, they can purchase them. If they do not, they can send them back, and do not have to spend any money.


The convenience of shopping at home is what many women love. They are very busy, and they find that shopping this way is easier for them. Amazon.com uses somewhat of the same basic marketing skills, and she is holding her own when competing against them and other companies that are also in the business of selling clothing. They don;t have to spend money on gas, and wait in lines at a regular store. They just can shop from their own home, and take their time, and they love it like this. It makes sense to them, and anything that can make their lives easier is what they want on a regular basis.


Kate Hudson will be opening some other physical stores this year, in areas that she knows the women will be interested in her clothing. She gathers this information by using the online marketing system in her club. With all that she has been able to do, she is a true businesswoman that is showing the world what she is made of. It looks like the future will be great for her company, and she will gain more of the market share, as she creates even more designs that women will love.