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Jeff Herman Has Made A Career In Sexual Abuse Litigation

Sexual abuse crimes are difficult to prosecute because of lack of evidence. Despite this challenge and others, Jeff Herman has unwavering dedication to help such victim. The journey has been difficult, but it has never deterred Herman from his calling. Sometimes his passion and skills are misunderstood but at the end of the day, he helps victims get justice. Jeff Herman’s entire cause is about defending victims of sexual abuse.


Coming forward with as a victim requires bravery and courageous. So far, over one thousand women, children and men have received help. Today, Herman’s practice is nationwide with a focus on childhood sexual exploitation. He is leading other attorneys in fighting for people’s basic rights. One of the things that have supported Herman’s career and cause is owning a practice.


Jeff Herman is the managing partner of Herman Law. The first case that inspired Herman was an abuse case of an autistic boy. The innocent boy was a victim of a pedophile. This case touched the heart of Herman and he took it upon him. After the case was over and the boy got justice, the experience made an imprint on Herman. He chose to dedicate his career to this line of work. Every time Jeff Herman and his team are handling a case they are diligent. They look into all the details and get the right facts. That is how the team wins a lot of cases and help victimized people.


Herman’s team comprises of former law enforcement individuals who are excellent at their work. Investigation is an essential aspect of Herman’s defense work. A lot of work goes on building a strong defense by fact finding. Practicing law cannot be founded on theories and assumptions. Herman is a visual person, especially when he is working. He prefers breaking down tasks and mapping them out. See Related Link for more information.


Looking how far Herman has come, he is glad for all the accomplishments. Practicing a particular field of law is the best decision he made in his career. His career has grown and changed the society. Jeff Herman is not keeping his skills to himself. He teaches other lawyers litigating sexual abuse cases.


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Bruno Fagali Highly Experienced Attorney In The Field Of Corporate And Administrative Law

Becoming a successful lawyer in a competitive field of law in Brazil is not a small feat, but it is what Bruno Fagali achieved with remarkable perseverance, patience, and passion for law.

He is a successful attorney with expertise in administrative law, corporate law, financial law, ethics, compliance law, regulatory law, mergers and acquisitions, and more. Bruno Fagali has studied law from the Pontifical Catholic University and completed Masters from the Sao Paulo University. He believes that to practice law and be successful in it, one has to be a good orator as well as a listener, and he is both. Bruno Fagali handles legal cases for some of the most significant companies in the country and represents some of the major names from the field of politics as well.

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Bruno Fagali loves to write about law and share his views on his blog from time to time. In one of the recent articles, Bruno Fagali wrote about the latest rule implemented in Brazil, where it is necessary for all the publications to mention “retouched photograph” near the pictures of the models whose photos have been digitally modified. It is because many girls are getting influenced by these images of models and want to copy same body shape and size, which at times is causing significant health complications, and in some cases even death. There is a rise in the cases of anorexia, and it is necessary for the people to realize that what they see in print and digital media is not always right.

Bruno Fagali says that such laws regarding photoshopped model pictures have already been implemented in Brazil long back. He says that it is necessary for the readers and viewers to know that what they are watching is not always wholly natural, and there is a hint of digital modification that has gone into it to make it look near perfect. Bruno Fagali is the partner and owner of Fagali Advocacy and has worked for prominent law firms like Radi, Calil and Associados Advocacia in the past. Bruno Fagali is also associated with one of the top-notch marketing companies in Brazil named Novo/SB in the capacity of corporate marketing manager.

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