Roseann Bennett is a widely regarded therapist in the New Jersey region. She has acquired over 10 years of experience on the field and has degrees and certifications from top level intuitions.


She founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment in 2010 and has never looked back. Her recent interest has been canine-assisted therapy.


A recent article on the website Blogwebpedia discusses how Roseann Bennett is using dogs as a new therapy option. Over the years of working with children, Roseann Bennett realized how much they love dogs. It makes a child feel more welcomed and accepted in the doctor’s environment. The article shows off Roseann Bennett‘s therapy dog named Jack. The key difference between a service and therapy is how one used for specific needs, and the other for emotions. It has been a concept since 1976 when Elaine Smith noticed the effects dogs were having on her patients. The comforting feeling of having a dog has proven useful in all kinds of settings outside of the doctor’s office as well.


Therapy Dogs can help anyone of any age, but they typical more orientated towards children. It helps calm anxiety issues for example, thus allowing them to focus on their studies. Others who are depressed and lonely feel better with a companion around. The power of having an animal goes a long way for a variety of people. Animals can always be there, when another person is not present. Get Related Information Here.


There are many kinds of therapy methods available, but Roseann Bennett’s recent research into dog therapy has proven successful. Children and adults alike suffer from mental issues, and just the mere presence of an animal can calm a person down. They don’t judge us, nor act aggressive, making them the perfect companion for healing.