A farmer’s success is dependent not only on his skills but also on his tools of trade. Same principle applies in any other profession. For sound engineers, being a skilled engineer with years of experience is nothing if you don’t have the right equipment. Having the right equipment has been a big part of Clayton Hutson’s success.

Clayton Hutson is a sound engineer and a production manager. He is known in the entertainment industry as one of the best tour managers in the market. He has had years of experience on the road. This has seen him acquire experience in dealing with different kinds of performers and skill managing different kinds of tours that make him an unbeatable competitor in his field. However, it is not his mad skills that keep him ahead of the competition; it is his ability to keep his client at the center of all his decisions. His clients, the kind of performance they want to bring on stage and their performance style are always his reason for choosing an option.

Clayton Hutson’s clients praise him for his determination to give 100% on the job. Clayton says that success doesn’t begin when the artist is on stage; it begins way before the tour takes off. When deciding on which equipment to use for the performance. Different artists have different performance styles. Therefore, a console that would suit an artist with an acoustic sound will be different from what is needed for a live performance. For this reason, he is constantly looking out for new equipment in the market.

Being a long time user of DiGiCo, Clay HUtson was the first to try out their SD 11 console on a tour. Clayton says that what pushed him to get this console was the quality it promised him. Since he has a reputation of perfection that he is protective of, he wanted to stay in control of the sound quality he would give to his clients. He says that dealing with local sound production companies takes away that element of control since he has to choose from whatever equipment they have in store. Having the SD 11, would mean that he can travel with it under the bus, in a trailer or travel with it. This means that he is guaranteed of quality.

This careful decision of which equipment to put on stage has seen him be the first choice of every artist planning to go on tour. Learn more: https://twitter.com/hutson_clayton