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American Institute of Architects: The Background Article You May Need

Reading too many articles that contain nothing but noise could very well be deleterious to your health. In the case of reading about the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the profile of its head, Robert Ivy, noise makes it hard for you to research the real score about them. Click here for more info. In this article, we will try to address that. Armed with a lot of relevant information that’s written concisely, we can give you all the important data you need about AIA that you may need for your assignment. Shall we start?

Leadership Behind AIA

One essential information you need to know about AIA is the fact that its CEO Robert Ivy is the man responsible for the sustained growth and maintenance of the organization. With Robert’s leadership, it’s now easy for the organization to connect with the numerous architect members that are situated across different parts of the globe. There are about 250 branches of AIA that are spread all over the United States and overseas, and with the help of Robert Ivy, the non-profit company is now able to help various architects with support and providing resources for them to improve their craft.

The Awarding Ceremony

Other than creating outreach programs for various communities, it is also the vision of AIA to offer recognition to the outstanding performance of their architects. Through the recent 2018 Architecture Firm Award, AIA has been able to recognize the many architects who were able to provide outstanding service to the clients with different needs.

In the 2018 set of awards, the best Architectural Firm Recognition went to Snow Kreilich Architects, which is a Minneapolis-grown firm that’s been consistent in establishing a brand that offers a wonderful set of services that helps clients appreciate the value of good design in a specific sophisticated infrastructure.

The Publishing Man

It might also be useful to include here the fact that Robert Ivy was also the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record in 1996. With his leadership under such a position, he was able to grow the journal into one of the most widely read peer-reviewed journals in the industry. It’s also an excellent addition to Robert’s portfolio that he became the Editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media, which is the umbrella publishing house of various reputable magazines, which include Greensource, a magazine for all ideas in sustainable design. Robert was also the man responsible for the quality content in HQ Magazine, ENR, and Snap, which are all magazines that everyone who wants good non-gauche writing would like to read.

Robert was also the man who chose the great architect Frank Gehry to create the blueprint of the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. This choice has rendered him to be known as the man who made a good call in designing one of the most iconic memorial structures in the United States today.

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Closer Insight of Fagali’I Airport, Samoa

Fagali’I Airport is a public airport found in Fagali’I-Uta in the state of Samoa. The Fagali’I Airport, whose IATA code is FGI, serves Apia, the largest and the capital city of Samoa. The 670 meters runway airport was previously owned and controlled by both the Polynesian Airlines and the Samoa Government. Fagali’I Airport services the local and international flights that include to American Samoa and Pago Pago. The airport ICAO Code is NSF, and its coordinates are 13 ° 50’54” South and 171 ° 44’30”West. Its time zone is on Pacific/Apia GMT +14:00 while the airport Latitude is -13.8486996 and on the longitude of -171.7400055.


Initially the Fagali’I Airport was a grass floored airstrip. It was renovated, paved with asphalt, and reopened for public use in July 2002. However, due to its proximity to the surrounding community dwellings, there was much concern on the safety and noise emitted from the airport. This concern led to public outcry leading to its decommissioning in January 2005. Later in July 2009, the Fagali’I Airport was reopened by the Polynesian Airlines. The reopening attracted heated criticism from various parties due to unresolved environmental and safety issues. Therefore, many quarters felt that if the airport project failed it could create a potential burden on the local communities.

Surrounding Terminals

The airport connects other close and international terminals. The surrounding and near airports to Fagali’I Airport are Apia Faleolo airport which 28 km away, Pago Pago airport 124km away, Ofu airport, Fitiuta 252 km away, and Niutoputapu airport. Some of the main airlines that operate at the airport include Polynesian Airlines, Talofa Airways, Samoa Air, and South Pacific Island Airways among others.


For the travelers who would want to have some rest, great hotels are surrounding the Fagali’I Airport, Apia. They include Insel Fehmarn Hotel located on Falealili Street, Tanoa Tusitala Hotel on Beach Road Sogi, Talofa Inn on the Vaea Street, and Travellers Point Hotel. Others include Apia Central Hotel on Savalalo Road, Lynn’s Gateway on Salenesa Road and Monalisa Hotel on the main North Coast Region.

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Sussex Healthcare For Seniors

Making a choice of where to live is a difficult part of life for many aging adults. They may be scared to make a move to a new area, but they may also be in need of care and assistance that they didn’t need in the past. Since they are able to find solace in knowing that the Sussex Healthcare group of homes is a great place, they know that they can find space there. They are able to find a location that is in a area that is familiar to them. Since this will allow them to see people that they know on a regular basis, they will be able to live comfortably and safely for a long time to come. Read for more on Sussex Healthcare Helps Patients Feel at Home:

When a person lives in one of the great homes that are offered by Sussex Healthcare, they are able to join in with all types of activities that they might enjoy. This also gives them the opportunity to meet new and interesting people all of the time. They will be able to have fun and still live a normal life even though they may need assistance from time to time.

The staff at Sussex Healthcare is very adept at what they do. They will be able to assist a person with all the information that they will need in order to make a good decision to move into one of the homes. The financial information that they can go over with them is important, and they might also have programs that can help people to deal with the costs of living in one of the homes.

Making the choice to pick the Sussex Healthcare group of homes over other ones is happening every day. Many people are making the decision that is where they want to live. Safe and secure in a great location is important to them, and they choose Sussex Healthcare over other options. You may also want to look into the opportunities that Sussex Healthcare will have for you when you are ready to make a move to a place that will offer so much for you.