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Securus Technologies – Offering Highly Efficient Investigative Technology

The crime prevention world is in dire need of new and innovative technology that can help reduce the crime rate in the society, and it is the companies like Securus Technologies that are currently taking the lead in this department. It is a correctional technology company that is based in Dallas and has regional offices in Carrollton, Atlanta, and Allen. The company is planning major expansion drive in the next few years as the products and services of Securus Technologies has been getting rave reviews in the field of inmate communications, crime prevention technology, investigative technology, and more. The primary aim of the company is to contribute to the industry and help innovate and introduce new age technology to the sector.

As the crime rate across the country continues to increase at a massive pace, it is essential for the law enforcement agencies to get smarter to curb this increase in crime rate. It is where the role of crime prevention and investigative tools and services offered by Securus Technologies comes into the picture. Securus Technologies helps the law enforcement officers to ensure that they can provide efficient and responsive service to the community they are serving in and are keeping criminals in check. The criminals are getting smarter, and it is essential for the law enforcement officers to think one step ahead. It calls for the use of latest investigative technology to keep crime rate low.

In a press release that the company published on the internet recently, it shared with the world the positive comments of the law enforcement officers, who have been using its services. The law enforcement officers feel that such high-end technology is paving the way for the future crime prevention technology. Many of the law enforcement feel that it is such technology that makes the officers feel confident at work and also helps in keeping them safe.


Paul Mampilly Is Helping People To Generate Wealth

Paul Mampilly is a revered investment expert having over two decades of experience in money management. While on Wall Street, Mr. Paul worked as an analyst at Deutsche Asset Management and ING. Later, he became a manager for various clients such as Bankers Trust, Swiss Bank, Sears and Royal Bank of Scotland. He is accredited for the 67 percent and 20 percent returns that he achieved on a $25 billion hedge fund, Kinetics International Fund, in 2009 and 2010.

Paul is the senior editor at The Sovereign Society where he helps main street Americans to generate wealth through investments, small-cap stocks, and special opportunities. As a former Wall Street insider, Paul uses his vast market knowledge and connections to help people generate profits from their investments. He joined The Sovereign Society in 2016.

Paul Mampilly is also the founder of Profits Unlimited, an investment newsletter. The newsletter, which just hit 60,000 subscribers within a year, has earned a place among the fastest growing newsletters in the field of investment. Through an eight-page newsletter published Banyan Hill Publishing; Paul recommends new stocks to his subscribers. He also offers them weekly updates on certain stocks on the model portfolio through mail. Subscribers buy stocks in their own brokerage accounts rather than the traditional arrangement where a financial advisor invests capital for his or her clients.

Profits Unlimited’s client demonstration account, which began with $5000 in January 2016, has generated over 180 percent returns. The big winners were Coeur Mining, the Gold Mining Vectors ETF and Nvidia. From 2006 to 2013, Paul Mampilly managed 401K/IRA, an S&P 500 account that generated 30 percent average annual returns and cumulative returns of 516 percent. Paul Mampilly also recommended 29 stocks for the Palm Beach Letter in 2011 and 2012, which averaged 53 percent with only one of the 29 stocks down by December 2013. The top three winners were Yahoo, Boston Scientific and Interparfums. In addition, the accomplished investment professional participated in the Templeton Foundation investment competition between 2008 and 2009 where he emerged a winner after generating returns of 76 percent. Mampilly has worked as a professional speculator and investment director at Stansberry Research and Agora Financial. He also worked as an author and analyst at Common Sense Publishing.