Founded in 2006, Success Academy is a highly successful chain of charter schools based in New York City. In fact, Success Academy became a finalist for the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation prize, which comes with a cash prize worth $250,000. The reason behind this is because this institution has done an amazing job at giving people of color and low-income backgrounds an excellent education. The academy has 41 campuses serving around 14,000 students, most of whom come from the low-income background. However, the most important fact of all is that the students made it to the top 10 percent of schools who did well in math, science, and English.

Success Academy has become so successful. This year more than 17000 applicants applied for admissions for little over 3000 seats. According to founder and CEO of Success Academy Eva Muskowitz, this is the fourth consecutive year where wait list numbers topped 10,000. She goes on to say that this is proof that families are abandoning failing public schools, and instead are turning to charter schools to give their children a better education. Success Academy is a leader in education and I am sure many families will continue to seek out the quality education of this institution in New York and across the nation.

Attendance is free and all residents of the state of New York can apply. Admission for students is done through a random lottery system, which takes place in the month of April. Roughly eight and a half percent of students are English-language learners, 15% are children with special needs and 93% are children of color. Success Academy operates under the rules of Sate University of New Yorks Charter School Institute, hence it can operate more independently compared to zoned public schools.