For any company to succeed in business and administration, it must have an active leader in all its positions in business and management at For this reason, Eucatex has worked to exploit the various ways in which the company has sustained its business ever since it was incepted in the United States. For the company, nothing gives them more honour than to work and become one of the most innovative companies based in Brazil. During the time where the business was incepted in the United States, there was no other company which would become innovative and sentimental as it was in the country.

When the company was founded by the Maluf family in Brazil, the country had no laws and regulations which would govern the cutting down and planting of trees to have the environment protected for the future generation on However, Eucatex worked to sustain the environment through planting trees and using one of the most environmentally protective trees in the universe. The use of eucalyptus trees, as much as it takes more time to mature, is one of the best trees for the environment. For this reason, the company on went on to become the best entity in the production of furniture for homes and offices throughout the country.

When Flavio Maluf entered the University of Fundacao Penteado Foundation, his business platform was nowhere to be seen. During this time, he was one person who valued education and his career n Mechanical Engineering. For this reason, he went on to move into the business world and become the best working capitalist to get a business platform in his arena. As days went on, Flavio Maluf’s passion for the engineering degree went lower while the love fo business and management went up higher to levels he wouldn’t manage. When he was out of college, Flavio Maluf decided to venture into a business which would help him work to sustain his desires.

He also went to the United States and studied a qualification in business management and Administration to help him become a better individual. When he came back home, he had all it took to become a business profile in the rapidly-growing Brazilian economy.