About Betsy

Betsy is a native of Holland, Michigan, having spent her entire childhood in that locality. She was born to a well-off family, with her father running a hugely successful automobile venture. Her family has devoted followers of the Christian religion, and regularly donate their fortune towards the development of the church.

Betsy attended the local Holland Christian High School. She graduated from the Calvin College, Grand Rapids with a bachelor’s in business administration.

Political Career

Betsy started showing interest in politics while she was still a college student. A lifetime Republican, Betsy has held many significant positions in the party since she joined. Her first major post was at the state committee of the party in Michigan, where she was a member. Her excellence saw her rise to the top of the board, overseeing all affairs of the Republican Party within Michigan. For two different terms, she was entrusted with the party’s leadership in Michigan. It is my assumption that her commitment to the party played a part in her nomination to the cabinet.

As an effect of possessing a vast fortune, Betsy has been a passionate supporter of the Republican presidential contestants. For quite a while, she has poured large sums of money towards the campaign of Republican aspirants. At the point when President Bush was looking for his second term, Betsy was a vanguard in his campaign. I assume that her ensuing nomination to the Senate Committee was as an after effect of her backing for Bush’s re-election. Check this article from NYPost.


While Betsy and her family have given critical assets towards the political field, their generosity does not end there. They have extended their philanthropic motions to other helpful causes. Since its commencement, the DeVos family foundation has given a huge number of dollars to noble causes.

One prominent gift was the funding of the introduction of a professional education site, The 74. The establishment gave a huge add up to the venture, which highlights Betsy’s dedication to enhancing the learning sector. Besides, the association supported another activist movement, The Partnership for Educational Justice. I suppose this supports Betsy’s validity for the education secretary position. Over the years, Betsy has helped a myriad of causes in the education sector, which shows her passion on the matter.

Aside from education, the establishment has likewise bolstered new companies. In 2015, the gathering gave USD 750,000 to a Washington-based research organization. Furthermore, a further $1 million was promised to strengthen the research team’s future.

I recognize the endeavors that Betsy DeVos and her companion have made in offering back to the group. While it’s not compulsory, I surmise that the rich should provide for poor people, and the DeVos’ have shown that. The trial of our progress is not whether we add more to the wealth of the individuals who have much, it is whether we give enough to the persons who have virtually nothing.

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