Norman Pattiz is the man who founded PodcastOne. He also currently acts as the executive chairman to the group. He has been working with the media industry for a long time now and this has even scored him a page long spread on Forbes Magazine for his Celebrity Infused greatest Hits. The article outlined the things that have led to his success in the field of using the media to make money. Another company that was founded by Norman is Westwood One. This is the broadcasting company that became one of America’ most important providers of news on lifestyle, sports, entertainment, talk shows and traffic among other things.

The company Westwood one either owned or distributed to networks such as CBN, CBS News, NFL Football, CNN Radio, Super Bowl, March madness and many others. One of the things that he believes in and he emphasizes every day is that anyone that wants to be successful in investing should aim at being the first one in the morning, the last one at night and always stay motivated and engaged.

Seven years ago, Norman realized that a lot of talent in the media industry was going untapped because they did not have the proper outlet to air out their talent. He decided to launch PodcastOne. By the time 2012 was ending, the company had become the best provider of audio on demand programming.

Norman has been recognized by past presidents because of his enterprising spirit and problem solving skills in the media industry. In 2000, he had been appointed by President Clinton to serve as a member of the broadcasting board of governors in the country. The board coordinates and runs the broadcasting operations of all the networks under them including the Voice of America, radio Free Europe and many others.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman was born in 1943. In 1976, he founded Westwood One, the network that served as the stepping stone to most of the success that he is experiencing today. He is married to Mary Turner who is also a Media Personality and together they live in Santa Barbara, California. In 2010 he was inducted to the National Radio Hall of fame for his outstanding work in the media. Some of the philanthropic initiatives he takes part in include the Academy of Music at Hamilton High School.

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