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George Soros the Man who is using all he has to establish an Open Society

What would you do if you are a billionaire? How would you use that money? As luck would have it, most of you would cling onto that money and ensure they never go broke. Other people would spend ridiculous amounts of money with the novelty of experiencing the gleeful superfluities life has to offer. The rot and debauchery of the world would not matter anymore. Besides, unfair governing systems that you once complained about would be congenial and would gladly bend to your wishes. Would you spend that money to change the world for better? Would you give half of your wealth for liberal causes? Well, one man George Soros is spending billions to help the defenseless in the society.

Born in Hungary 1930, Soros fled from the Nazi-occupied Hungary and went to England where he attended London school of economics. The events in his early life could have triggered his philanthropic activities and his constant support for the poor and weak in the society. Soros is known for his unwavering commitment towards a better world. Also, George Soros, the current chairman of Soros Fund Management, has comprehensive knowledge and experience on his side. Magazines and people have been quoted mentioning him as the most successful investor in the world. What’s more, Soros continually shares his investing and economic strategies through talks and his website.

In 1979, George Soros established the open society foundation to give a voice to those who have been deprived of it. The foundation has been in the forefront to ensure accountability and establishment of corrupt free governing systems. For years, the open society foundation has kept governments in check. The foundation has helped those that were once oppressed to fight and claim their rights. Consequently, Marginalized individuals are voicing their frustrations and are now being engaged in affairs thanks to the open society foundation. Read more about George’s life story at

Did you know that George Soros has donated more than 11$ billion? George Soros has been using his wealth and extensive network as a weapon to fight for the oppressed in the society. Most people would argue that the world is unfair and is inherently imperfect, but for George Soros, he believes that the imperfect can be improved. Soros believes that the world could be saved only through the establishment of an open society in place of dictatorial forms of government. Soros considers biased forms of government as a core source of many problems in the modern society.

George Soros is not changing the lives of Americans alone. The serial philanthropist has offered scholarships to students in South Africa and other countries. Additionally, through his foundation, the vulnerable can now get lawyers that are based on the foundation to fight for their rights. George Soros has established foundations that will outlive him. It’s through these foundations that his ambition of a better world will be achieved.

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Big Oil in Brazil

Many people today are excited about the changes that are happening in Brazil. Over the past couple of years, this is a country that has been growing rapidly. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are being made to the country. Not only are those, but people like Duda Melzer starting to invest capital into the overall economy. This is a great sign for the economy, and it shows that companies are confident enough to make investments in this area. If you want to take your life and your career to the next level, moving to an economy that is growing rapidly is one of the best things that you can do.

Duda Melzer

From the time he started in the oil industry, Duda Melzer has always wanted to achieve something great. He is working on a variety of projects, and he honestly believes that he can make a positive impact on others through his work. Not only that, but he is hoping to help as many people as possible through the community service that he is doing. If you want to start investing in a great business, look who is at the top. In this case, Duda Melzer is doing a great job of helping other people invest in the right areas in order to take their business to the next level. Read more on

Oil Growth

The oil industry is growing in many parts of the world, reports This is especially true in Brazil. RBS is one of the largest oil companies in the country, and Duda Melzer is looking to take his business to the next level. If you want to succeed in business, Duda Melzer is the person who you should work with. He has a lot of experience helping other people get to the next level.

Flavio Maluf: The Man Behind the Success of Eucatex Company

For any company to succeed in business and administration, it must have an active leader in all its positions in business and management at For this reason, Eucatex has worked to exploit the various ways in which the company has sustained its business ever since it was incepted in the United States. For the company, nothing gives them more honour than to work and become one of the most innovative companies based in Brazil. During the time where the business was incepted in the United States, there was no other company which would become innovative and sentimental as it was in the country.

When the company was founded by the Maluf family in Brazil, the country had no laws and regulations which would govern the cutting down and planting of trees to have the environment protected for the future generation on However, Eucatex worked to sustain the environment through planting trees and using one of the most environmentally protective trees in the universe. The use of eucalyptus trees, as much as it takes more time to mature, is one of the best trees for the environment. For this reason, the company on went on to become the best entity in the production of furniture for homes and offices throughout the country.

When Flavio Maluf entered the University of Fundacao Penteado Foundation, his business platform was nowhere to be seen. During this time, he was one person who valued education and his career n Mechanical Engineering. For this reason, he went on to move into the business world and become the best working capitalist to get a business platform in his arena. As days went on, Flavio Maluf’s passion for the engineering degree went lower while the love fo business and management went up higher to levels he wouldn’t manage. When he was out of college, Flavio Maluf decided to venture into a business which would help him work to sustain his desires.

He also went to the United States and studied a qualification in business management and Administration to help him become a better individual. When he came back home, he had all it took to become a business profile in the rapidly-growing Brazilian economy.

Andrea McWilliams Makes a Positive Impact In Texas Politics

Political fundraiser and lobbyist Andrea McWilliams is a strategist with years of experience. She is known for her attentiveness to the needs of others and brings a unique point of view to the causes she supports.

McWiliams has been featured on a number of national media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, CNN, USA Today, Newsweek and NPR. These outlets have reported on Andrea’s participation in successful fundraising efforts, as well as her work as a political strategist. McWilliams is also a national political commentator and has been featured in several Texas publications. She has also be honored by the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce as a “consigliere to the powerful and political.”

Andrea McWilliams receive the Profiles in Power award from the Austin Business Journal and the 2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year finalist distinction from the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce. Recently, the Girl Scouts of Central Texas also recognized McWilliams as a Woman of Distinction. Andrea also had the honor of receiving the Austin Under 40 award, and she was honored as a member of the Glossy 8 list by the Austin American-Statesman. Austin Fashion Week even gave her the Style Setter award due to her hard work and dedication in connection with local nonprofit organizations.

Andrea McWilliams was appointed in a chief of staff position at just 21 years old, and went on to perfect her skills at Public Strategies, Inc., a renown public relations firm. She is now the cofounder of McWilliams, a full service governmental affairs consultant firm that she runs with her husband Dean.

McWilliams was raised just minutes from Congress Avenue where the Texas Capitol is located. She now lives in Old Enfield with her husband and their three children.

Betsy Devos: Transforming Lives Through Altruism

About Betsy

Betsy is a native of Holland, Michigan, having spent her entire childhood in that locality. She was born to a well-off family, with her father running a hugely successful automobile venture. Her family has devoted followers of the Christian religion, and regularly donate their fortune towards the development of the church.

Betsy attended the local Holland Christian High School. She graduated from the Calvin College, Grand Rapids with a bachelor’s in business administration.

Political Career

Betsy started showing interest in politics while she was still a college student. A lifetime Republican, Betsy has held many significant positions in the party since she joined. Her first major post was at the state committee of the party in Michigan, where she was a member. Her excellence saw her rise to the top of the board, overseeing all affairs of the Republican Party within Michigan. For two different terms, she was entrusted with the party’s leadership in Michigan. It is my assumption that her commitment to the party played a part in her nomination to the cabinet.

As an effect of possessing a vast fortune, Betsy has been a passionate supporter of the Republican presidential contestants. For quite a while, she has poured large sums of money towards the campaign of Republican aspirants. At the point when President Bush was looking for his second term, Betsy was a vanguard in his campaign. I assume that her ensuing nomination to the Senate Committee was as an after effect of her backing for Bush’s re-election. Check this article from NYPost.


While Betsy and her family have given critical assets towards the political field, their generosity does not end there. They have extended their philanthropic motions to other helpful causes. Since its commencement, the DeVos family foundation has given a huge number of dollars to noble causes.

One prominent gift was the funding of the introduction of a professional education site, The 74. The establishment gave a huge add up to the venture, which highlights Betsy’s dedication to enhancing the learning sector. Besides, the association supported another activist movement, The Partnership for Educational Justice. I suppose this supports Betsy’s validity for the education secretary position. Over the years, Betsy has helped a myriad of causes in the education sector, which shows her passion on the matter.

Aside from education, the establishment has likewise bolstered new companies. In 2015, the gathering gave USD 750,000 to a Washington-based research organization. Furthermore, a further $1 million was promised to strengthen the research team’s future.

I recognize the endeavors that Betsy DeVos and her companion have made in offering back to the group. While it’s not compulsory, I surmise that the rich should provide for poor people, and the DeVos’ have shown that. The trial of our progress is not whether we add more to the wealth of the individuals who have much, it is whether we give enough to the persons who have virtually nothing.

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Fabletics – A Growing Success

With Fabletics, a company that is owned by Kate Hudson, growing in leaps and bounds, she is seeing much success with it. Her success is due largely to her talents as a clothing designer, and also to her remarkable, business sense. She has done her research, and has been able to create her line of clothing, and promote it to the right people.


For marketing, Kate Hudson uses the Internet as a great tool in order to attract the customers that she wants, and to keep them happy. She also uses the reverse showroom technique model, and that is in her physical stores. This saves her quite a bit in overhead, so that she is not spending a fortune on the actual store, but increasing her exposure, and gaining more customer interest.


She has a club and a newsletter with her company that are both free to join. When a woman joins her club, she receives the information about what they like and dislike. This way, she can send clothing items that they will really like. If they decide that they like the items, they can purchase them. If they do not, they can send them back, and do not have to spend any money.


The convenience of shopping at home is what many women love. They are very busy, and they find that shopping this way is easier for them. uses somewhat of the same basic marketing skills, and she is holding her own when competing against them and other companies that are also in the business of selling clothing. They don;t have to spend money on gas, and wait in lines at a regular store. They just can shop from their own home, and take their time, and they love it like this. It makes sense to them, and anything that can make their lives easier is what they want on a regular basis.


Kate Hudson will be opening some other physical stores this year, in areas that she knows the women will be interested in her clothing. She gathers this information by using the online marketing system in her club. With all that she has been able to do, she is a true businesswoman that is showing the world what she is made of. It looks like the future will be great for her company, and she will gain more of the market share, as she creates even more designs that women will love.



What many people do not know about Norman Pattiz, the founder of PodcastOne

Norman Pattiz is the man who founded PodcastOne. He also currently acts as the executive chairman to the group. He has been working with the media industry for a long time now and this has even scored him a page long spread on Forbes Magazine for his Celebrity Infused greatest Hits. The article outlined the things that have led to his success in the field of using the media to make money. Another company that was founded by Norman is Westwood One. This is the broadcasting company that became one of America’ most important providers of news on lifestyle, sports, entertainment, talk shows and traffic among other things.

The company Westwood one either owned or distributed to networks such as CBN, CBS News, NFL Football, CNN Radio, Super Bowl, March madness and many others. One of the things that he believes in and he emphasizes every day is that anyone that wants to be successful in investing should aim at being the first one in the morning, the last one at night and always stay motivated and engaged.

Seven years ago, Norman realized that a lot of talent in the media industry was going untapped because they did not have the proper outlet to air out their talent. He decided to launch PodcastOne. By the time 2012 was ending, the company had become the best provider of audio on demand programming. The people and brands that he has represented through the network so far include name such as Shaquille O’Neal, Snooki Polizzi, Chris Jericho, Laura Ingraham and many others.

Norman has been recognized by past presidents because of his enterprising spirit and problem solving skills in the media industry. In 2000, he had been appointed by President Clinton to serve as a member of the broadcasting board of governors in the country. The board coordinates and runs the broadcasting operations of all the networks under them including the Voice of America, radio Free Europe and many others.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman was born in 1943. In 1976, he founded Westwood One, the network that served as the stepping stone to most of the success that he is experiencing today. He is married to Mary Turner who is also a Media Personality and together they live in Santa Barbara, California. In 2010 he was inducted to the National Radio Hall of fame for his outstanding work in the media. Some of the philanthropic initiatives he takes part in include the Academy of Music at Hamilton High School.

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