Omar Boraie: Boraie Development

This man is a New Jersey success story who has changed the way that New Brunswick appears to the state of New Jersey. Omar is the man at the helm of Boraie Development LLC( which has developed New Jersey at a very fast rate having built homes and apartments that make it the next generation city.

Urban Real Estate

They have been able to offer the best of the urban experience in the Real estate sector, and they have changed the landscape in New Jersey. As the Vice President of Boraie Development, Omar Boraie has been able to make sure that the work they do is nothing short of remarkable.

They are the ones who have been making strides in the provision of amenities about the development of urban homes for the people of New Jersey.

As a New Jersey man, he is the true definition of what success is like, and his interests in the science of the genome are also another reason why he is notable.

Omar and Genomic Science

At the Rutgers Cancer Institute, the scientists who are in charge of the groundbreaking research in cancer can thank him for what he has done. in a report by, he has pledged that he will provide $1.5 million in funding to make sure that they get all they need for their noble work.

The scientists at the institute are thanking him for his unwavering support of their cause and the part that he played in the development of the New Brunswick healthcare department. His generosity has been applauded by all of them, and he has kept his word as usual.

The Legacy

The Boraie development LLC has been around for 30 years and has had a good track record that features impressive projects in and around New Jersey. They have the vision of having their own capital built by their efforts.

As one of the most sought after Development Company in New Jersey, you can understand why they have the success of that scale. With a dream that aims at the building of a whole new Atlantic City in rejuvenated mode, they sure do aim high.

The Community Angle

As a man who has made it, he has been sponsoring several projects that the community applauds and appreciates. For example, they sponsor the State Theatre annual free summer movies series which feature blockbuster movies.