The historic Squaw Valley Ski Resort has been one of the best loved and respected in the U.S. for almost a century and has shown its determination to protect its visitors at all times after an issue was raised about water quality. A statement was released by officials at Squaw Valley to address the water issue that was originally caused by a major rain event that has affected the quality of drinking water in a number of wells found across the Placer County region of California.


A summer 2016 upgrade of the water quality system used at Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows proved its worth in identifying a number of issues in the water of the Upper Mountain region of the resort; in fact, the water quality equipment proved so successful the drinking water was never offered to any visitor and no case of illness has so far been traced back to the water issues.


As for Squaw Valley, the statement released by the resort explained the first thought when the water problem was identified was for the safety of guests and resulted in officials from Placer County Environmental Health Department being called in as soon as the issue was identified. Traces of coliform and E.Coli had originally been found in four wells at Squaw Valley resulting in the resort calling in independent water quality experts to reduce the impact of the discovered bacteria for all employees and visitors.


Squaw Valley have explained that three of the four affected wells are now showing no signs of E.Coli and reduced levels of coliform as the work of water experts begins to take effect. As of November 2016 the slopes of the Upper Mountain region remain open with Squaw Valley providing complimentary bottled drinking water for all visitors using these areas of the resort.

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