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PSI Pay Explains How Digital Wallets Vary Between The United States And Europe

Digital wallets allow people to make payments without using their physical debit or credit cards. They can also store loyalty card numbers for convenience. They can replace a leather wallet for many purposes. PSI Pay, a UK fintech company, explains that how people use digital wallets differs between Europe and the United States.

In Europe, people hold cash balances on their digital wallets. Most people keep this balance low as they don’t earn interest and is not insured by the government like a bank account balance is. People can pay for products and services with their digital wallets or they can use them to withdraw money from ATMs. The team at PSI Pay says that an increasing number of people are now using their digital wallets in Europe to exchange money they have in cryptocurrencies to government-backed currency that they can use to pay for things at places like a restaurant.

In the United States, a digital wallet doesn’t hold any money. Instead, it is used as a way to access debit and credit cards in a convenient fashion. PSI Pay says that merchants can’t access a person’s personal info when they use a digital wallet to pay for something and any charge-backs are handled by that consumer’s bank rather than by the digital wallet provider. To pay for things people just input their card numbers into the app and this links their accounts to their digital wallet. When they pay for something they just choose which card to use in the app.

To make things even more convenient in Europe, PSI Pay teamed up with Kerv. Kerv created a device using a Kickstarter campaign which is slid onto a person’s wrist. They just wave the device near a sensor at retail and service provider locations who accept payment in this way. PSI Pay says that more and more locations are installing these sensors because of how convenient and secure the whole system is. Kerv hit their Kickstarter target in October 2015 and have received a number of industry awards. They partnered with PSI Pay In June 2016.


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Chicago Firm Madison Street Capital Takes Home Top Award At M&A Advisor Awards

There are few companies that operate in the global financial services industry that have the sort of reputation for excellence that the company Madison Street Capital has developed over the years. Madison Street Capital, which is based in the Mid-West in the United States, has grown to be an international investment firm that has served customHoers in various markets across the globe and enabled them to achieve their strategic business objectives.


As a boutique investment firm Madison Street Capital has worked hard to cultivate talent and to develop the expertise that has enabled it to be an effective partner to corporations who are in need of services that range from corporate advisory services, business valuation and tax planning. Some of the many targeted services that Madison Street Capital offers to its customers include capital restructuring, buy out advisory, tax compliance, structured finance products, company valuation, portfolio valuation and mergers and acquisitions. Madison Street Capital offers both sell-side and buy-side advisory services to clients who are interested in its expertise in mergers and acquisitions.


The company has made a reputation for itself as a capable facilitator of transactions that involve guiding the process of a company seeking to be integrated into another company as part of a merger and acquisition. In fact, Madison Street Capital was recognized by its peers in the industry for its success in the mergers and acquisition space in late 2017. In November of 2017 the company was able to receive the honor of being recognized for its excellence in the industry at an event that is known as the M&A Advisor Awards.


The M&A Advisor Awards are held by professional organization M&A Advisor. At the 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Madison Street Capital won the award for best Debt Financing Deal of the Year. In addition to competing in the category for best Debt Financing Deal of the Year, Madison Street Capital was also nominated for awards in other categories such as Financials Deal of the Year (Under 250MM) and Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year. Madison Street Capital was given the award for best Debt Financing Deal of the Year for its work with a company that is known as WLR Automotive.


The advisory services that Madison Street Capital offers its customers are not only limited to the financial services industry it is able to serve as a capable advisor to companies that are situated in a number of industries. Madison Street Capital is capable of advising companies that operate in industries such as consumer markets, energy and oil and gas, mining, media and telecom, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, biotech, construction and minerals and natural resources. The company takes the time to learn about the distinct needs of the companies that seek out its services and determine how to best meet a company’s needs.


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Shafik Sachedina, Institute of Ismaili Studies

Shafik Sachedina has headed the Jamati Institutions Department at His Highness the Aga Khan’s secretariat France’s office at Aiglemont. In this office, Shafik is in charge of organizing programs and activities of institutions of Ismaili community in 16 major areas where they have such institutions. Shafik is also accountable for interfacing with institutions of Ismaili communities within central Asia and development system agendas from Aga Khan. Dr. Sachedina is also a member of the board of governors at the Ismaili Institute of studies.

Shafik Sachedina was born in 1950 and brought up in Tanzania. In 1975, Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School in London qualified Dr. Sachedina to become a dental surgeon. For many years now, Shafik has practiced his dental surgeon experience in London. Moreover, Dr. Sachedina also has healthcare sector entrepreneurial interests. His work with Jamati institutions and the Aga Khan is considered as a charitable work in regard to ancient community traditions of voluntary service. Dr. Sachedina is also the current Joint chairman at Sussex Healthcare.

In addition to this, Shafik serves in different positions within Ismaili Imamat and community. For instance, he is Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) committee member, Aiglemont, FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International coordinating committee chair. Additionally, Shafik is also Ismail Leaders’ International Forum member. Prior to this, Dr. Sachedina has worked in several other voluntary positions such as Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom’s president for two terms.

Ismaili institute of studies is a research institution based in London, United Kingdom. The Institute’s major aims are to support Muslim societies and culture studies both in contemporary and historical manner. These studies are aimed at encouraging a superior understanding of the relationships that exist between Muslims and other faiths and societies. The Institute acts as a meeting point where Ismaili community meets and try to understand its own thought and history as well as esoteric Islam and Shi‘ism, the neglected fields. The institute is located in London, United Kingdom. The institute offers degree level to preliminary programs for those Ismaili students who do not understand English. The programs include the Syrian Preparatory Program and Khorog English Program.

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Blowing The Crowd Away With Their Designs, Academy of Art University

Within the world of Arts and Education, there is a meeting, a school, which teaches young and aspiring artists all of the tips and tricks, methods and tools for creating some of the best art the world has ever seen. This school is called the Academy of Art University and it is located in San Francisco, California.


This school was originally founded in 1929 as an advertising art school where students would learn to make the cartoons and posters for the advertisements of the time. It was founded initially by Richard S. Stephens who was a painter and lead magazine editor.


In 1951 Stephens passed leadership of the University to his son of the same name until 1992 when his daughter took hold of the reigns, leading the school to further success, participating in the bi-annual New York Fashion Week event since 2005.


The Academy of Art university School of Fashion held its 21st runway showcase this last year in September of 2017 and many of the students had amazing pieces to show. A total of ten recent graduates were on the floor to debut five womenswear pieces as well as two menswear pieces.


The diversity of the students themselves lends a great deal of appeal to the whole show, from mainland China to a small town in coastal Maine, not to mention several students from some rather faraway places as well.


The amazing arrangement of ideas from such a broad spectrum of design techniques were amazingly presented, all of their hours of hard work on top of their down to the last minute fixes were some of the most amazing pieces to date, truly stunning the audience present.


The Academy of Art University received their regional accreditation in 2007 by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The Academy of Art University has always maintained a standard admissions policy for any and all applicants who meet the basic criteria for admission.


The Academy of Art University teaches a disciplined approach to the implementation of both the most essential and basic techniques as well as the more advances tools and tricks to develop critical thinking on the spot.


The Prostate Way of Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi reports that Mitt Romney underwent surgery last summer for prostate cancer. It was successfully performed at the UC Irvine Hospital in California by Dr. Thomas Aherling. Prostate cancer is on the increase with about 161,360 reported cases last year and studies that estimate there will be about 164,690 confirmed cases this year. Most of the time prostate cancer will occur in men over 40, with the vast majority being in men over the age of 65. Over the years other politicians have been among those diagnosed, men like Colin Powell and John Kerry.

Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, Samadi is a board-certified urologic oncologist. He is the leading surgeon in the U.S. for open surgical procedures related to prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death among men, and it is Samadi’s life goal to make people aware of that. He is winning national and international awards in that area of medicine. He has been named to the Castle Connoly America’s Top Doctors and to the New York Magazine’s Best Doctor’s List.

He has performed many thousands of prostate cancer surgeries throughout the years with around 90 percent ending up completely cancer free. In addition to his award-winning prostate cancer work, he has also invented and pioneered several surgical robotics treatments. Samadi was born and raised in Iran. In 1979 when he was 15, Samadi and his little brother fled Iran during the Iranian Revolution. The first place they stopped was Belgium. They eventually settled in the U.S., where David studied to be a doctor at the Stony School of Medicine.

After graduating from here, he earned his M.D. at the S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook School of Medicine in 1994. After seven more years of intense study in very prestigious programs in oncology and proctology, David married Iranian Sahar Danielpour. Today the two have two children and reside in Old Westbury, New York. Girded with a wonderful family and amazing career, Samadi is understandably very optimistic about the future. Only time will tell what great things that will bring to his doorstep.


Bruno Fagali Highly Experienced Attorney In The Field Of Corporate And Administrative Law

Becoming a successful lawyer in a competitive field of law in Brazil is not a small feat, but it is what Bruno Fagali achieved with remarkable perseverance, patience, and passion for law.

He is a successful attorney with expertise in administrative law, corporate law, financial law, ethics, compliance law, regulatory law, mergers and acquisitions, and more. Bruno Fagali has studied law from the Pontifical Catholic University and completed Masters from the Sao Paulo University. He believes that to practice law and be successful in it, one has to be a good orator as well as a listener, and he is both. Bruno Fagali handles legal cases for some of the most significant companies in the country and represents some of the major names from the field of politics as well.

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Bruno Fagali loves to write about law and share his views on his blog from time to time. In one of the recent articles, Bruno Fagali wrote about the latest rule implemented in Brazil, where it is necessary for all the publications to mention “retouched photograph” near the pictures of the models whose photos have been digitally modified. It is because many girls are getting influenced by these images of models and want to copy same body shape and size, which at times is causing significant health complications, and in some cases even death. There is a rise in the cases of anorexia, and it is necessary for the people to realize that what they see in print and digital media is not always right.

Bruno Fagali says that such laws regarding photoshopped model pictures have already been implemented in Brazil long back. He says that it is necessary for the readers and viewers to know that what they are watching is not always wholly natural, and there is a hint of digital modification that has gone into it to make it look near perfect. Bruno Fagali is the partner and owner of Fagali Advocacy and has worked for prominent law firms like Radi, Calil and Associados Advocacia in the past. Bruno Fagali is also associated with one of the top-notch marketing companies in Brazil named Novo/SB in the capacity of corporate marketing manager.

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Clayton Hutson; success is in tool and skill

A farmer’s success is dependent not only on his skills but also on his tools of trade. Same principle applies in any other profession. For sound engineers, being a skilled engineer with years of experience is nothing if you don’t have the right equipment. Having the right equipment has been a big part of Clayton Hutson’s success.

Clayton Hutson is a sound engineer and a production manager. He is known in the entertainment industry as one of the best tour managers in the market. He has had years of experience on the road. This has seen him acquire experience in dealing with different kinds of performers and skill managing different kinds of tours that make him an unbeatable competitor in his field. However, it is not his mad skills that keep him ahead of the competition; it is his ability to keep his client at the center of all his decisions. His clients, the kind of performance they want to bring on stage and their performance style are always his reason for choosing an option.

Clayton Hutson’s clients praise him for his determination to give 100% on the job. Clayton says that success doesn’t begin when the artist is on stage; it begins way before the tour takes off. When deciding on which equipment to use for the performance. Different artists have different performance styles. Therefore, a console that would suit an artist with an acoustic sound will be different from what is needed for a live performance. For this reason, he is constantly looking out for new equipment in the market.

Being a long time user of DiGiCo, Clay HUtson was the first to try out their SD 11 console on a tour. Clayton says that what pushed him to get this console was the quality it promised him. Since he has a reputation of perfection that he is protective of, he wanted to stay in control of the sound quality he would give to his clients. He says that dealing with local sound production companies takes away that element of control since he has to choose from whatever equipment they have in store. Having the SD 11, would mean that he can travel with it under the bus, in a trailer or travel with it. This means that he is guaranteed of quality.

This careful decision of which equipment to put on stage has seen him be the first choice of every artist planning to go on tour. Learn more:

The American Institute Of Architects Looks To Highlight The Need For Excellence In Design

Across the world, members of the U.S.-based trade association, the American Institute of Architects are performing their duties in a positive way to push forward many of the ideas and policies instigated by the company over the course of its 160-year history. Over the decades the group has been in operation it has built its success on the need to stay abreast of the changes taking place in society which affect the many different ways buildings are used and constructed, and sought to develop a positive education program for architects and the general public.

Under CEO Robert Ivy, the need for a brighter future for the people of the U.S. and those affected by the work of American Institute of Architects members have remained at the heart of the growth of the association. One of the most important aspects of the work of the AIA is to push forward the regulations and requirements undertaken by the U.S. government at local, state, and federal level in a way reflecting the changing face of architecture and the construction industry. Now based in Washington D.C., the American Institute of Architects has become a major part of the landscape of the nation’s capital by remaining in the fore of the discussion about how architecture can affect society in a positive way.

The American Institute of Architects has also developed its own programs and initiatives to ensure the development of architects takes place consistently from those taking their first steps into the academic programs designed to start the career of any design professional to those reaching their retirement. Across the architectural industry, the need for excellence begins with the forms completed by potential architects registering their interest for educational courses and continues through the contracts designed by the AIA for use in all construction projects involving its members.

Robert Ivy has continued the need for public education programs which he believes will provide a group of people much more involved in the direction architecture takes over the remainder of the century. By continuing to push forward the latest technologies and design ideas to reach a changing world and communities threatened by climate change, Robert Ivy is continuing the long tradition begun by the original founders of the American Institute of Architects when the group was established in 1857.

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NewsWatch TV Reviews

Today’s climate towards the news and media is pretty chilled. Because of many rumors and other speculation going around the United States such as fake news and other things, many people do not know exactly where they can receive news that is trustworthy, fair and does not have a bias in it. Many big companies and newspapers have these biases either towards being liberal or conservative. That is where NewsWatch TV comes in. This company is quickly becoming a leader in the industry of news and media, with them being noted as being one of the most bias-free and great news companies in the industry. Because of all the name calling and all the distrust with the media today, NewsWatch TV is here to give every consumer of the news an equal and level view into today’s world events and to give them news that is verified and news that is equal to all parties involved. Their website is very easy to use, and they are known for having great reviews by their consumers. They have a page on their website that is dedicated to reviews and testimonials by consumers of their news. They are noted as being clear, easy to read, verified, validated, and free from bias towards one party or the other. This is great in today’s world of news.

With NewsWatch TV, you do not only gain a news outlet but a partner in dissecting today important information. Rather than information is about politics or finance, you do not have to worry about NewsWatch TV putting a spin on their information. They are quickly becoming a leader in bias-free news, and you should consider visiting their website for your news because they are free from bias, easy to read, and have verified news stories from around the world.

American Institute of Architects: The Background Article You May Need

Reading too many articles that contain nothing but noise could very well be deleterious to your health. In the case of reading about the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the profile of its head, Robert Ivy, noise makes it hard for you to research the real score about them. Click here for more info. In this article, we will try to address that. Armed with a lot of relevant information that’s written concisely, we can give you all the important data you need about AIA that you may need for your assignment. Shall we start?

Leadership Behind AIA

One essential information you need to know about AIA is the fact that its CEO Robert Ivy is the man responsible for the sustained growth and maintenance of the organization. With Robert’s leadership, it’s now easy for the organization to connect with the numerous architect members that are situated across different parts of the globe. There are about 250 branches of AIA that are spread all over the United States and overseas, and with the help of Robert Ivy, the non-profit company is now able to help various architects with support and providing resources for them to improve their craft.

The Awarding Ceremony

Other than creating outreach programs for various communities, it is also the vision of AIA to offer recognition to the outstanding performance of their architects. Through the recent 2018 Architecture Firm Award, AIA has been able to recognize the many architects who were able to provide outstanding service to the clients with different needs.

In the 2018 set of awards, the best Architectural Firm Recognition went to Snow Kreilich Architects, which is a Minneapolis-grown firm that’s been consistent in establishing a brand that offers a wonderful set of services that helps clients appreciate the value of good design in a specific sophisticated infrastructure.

The Publishing Man

It might also be useful to include here the fact that Robert Ivy was also the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record in 1996. With his leadership under such a position, he was able to grow the journal into one of the most widely read peer-reviewed journals in the industry. It’s also an excellent addition to Robert’s portfolio that he became the Editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media, which is the umbrella publishing house of various reputable magazines, which include Greensource, a magazine for all ideas in sustainable design. Robert was also the man responsible for the quality content in HQ Magazine, ENR, and Snap, which are all magazines that everyone who wants good non-gauche writing would like to read.

Robert was also the man who chose the great architect Frank Gehry to create the blueprint of the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. This choice has rendered him to be known as the man who made a good call in designing one of the most iconic memorial structures in the United States today.

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